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About Peabody

Welcome to Peabody, one of America's first and most prestigious conservatories of music. Peabody aims to educate the finest musicians from around the world. Our faculty are among the most distinguished, our curriculum is among the most rigorous, and our environment is among the most supportive of any music conservatory.

Peabody has tremendous success in training leading performers, composers and teachers throughout its 150 years. We work constantly to update our curriculum to ensure today's graduates have the skills they need to achieve success in the music profession.

Peabody's Preparatory Division is our anchor in the Baltimore community, offering the finest curriculum in music and dance. Countless students, both children and adults, have enriched their lives through their studies at Peabody.

However you have discovered Peabody as a potential student in the Conservatory or Preparatory, as an audience member, or as a visitor to Baltimore we hope you will find all you need to know about us from this website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The Mission of the Peabody Institute

Through comprehensive excellent education, the Peabody Institute nurtures talent and creativity; provides aspiring musicians with the skills to sustain professional careers; fosters lifelong involvement in music and dance; and prepares students in artistic performance at the highest level, providing inspiration and enlightenment to regional, national and international communities.


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