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from the Dean

The latest news, updates, initiatives, and more from Fred Bronstein, dean of the Peabody Institute.

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05/18/2016 - Dean Bronstein's Commencement Address
It has been my privilege and joy to work with you during such an exciting time both at Peabody and for classical music writ large. In fact, there are so many things that happened at Peabody this past year that it’s challenging to decide what to highlight.
03/23/2016 - Dean's Newsletter March 2016
Thank you for your continued interest in the Peabody Institute, and for coming to this space to learn more about our initiatives. There are a number of important updates.
03/21/2016 - Midori Appointed Distinguished Visiting Artist in 2016-17
I am thrilled to announce that renowned violinist Midori has accepted our invitation to serve as a distinguished visiting artist. Midori will visit campus to conduct masterclasses and deliver interdisciplinary presentations.
01/20/2016 - Dean's Incentive Grants 2015-2016
Last spring we announced the launch of a new program, the Dean’s Incentive Grants, designed to foster innovation, interdisciplinary initiatives and community connectivity, three of the four pillars identified in our Breakthrough Plan.
12/21/2015 - News and Updates December 2015
As we approach the close of the Fall 2015 semester, I am pleased to share some news, where strategically we are focusing on the Four Pillars of Excellence, Interdisciplinary Experiences, Innovation, and Community Connectivity.
11/15/2015 - Diversity at Peabody
President Daniels’ recent message to the entire Johns Hopkins University community offers a good opportunity to review initiatives at Peabody recently undertaken in the critical area of diversity.
09/22/2015 - News and Updates September 2015
Early fall on campus is always an exciting time, full of promise and potential and new beginnings. This is very true as the fall semester begins at Peabody, and I’m pleased to share with you some of the news and updates from our Mount Vernon home.
09/03/2015 - Dean Bronstein's Convocation Address
Shortly after I began in this position a little more than a year ago, we articulated four pillars around which we would organize and advance the Peabody Institute, and what our strategic objectives should be going forward.
07/07/2015 - Dean's Incentive Grants Application Extended
It has come to my attention that in order to ensure the widest possible participation in the Dean’s Incentive Grants program, it will be helpful to extend the application process for faculty and students beyond the summer months into the academic year.
07/01/2015 - Rising to the Challenge
Dean Bronstein joins other Hopkins experts along with alumni, students, parents, and friends for a chance to engage in an important conversation about the 21st Century Cities Initiative, part of JHU’sRising to the Challenge.
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