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Peabody Conservatory Graduates

Peabody Conservatory

The role of the Conservatory in today's society is largely unchanged since Peabody was founded over 150 years ago. The Peabody Conservatory strives to provide aspiring artists with the skills to pursue professional careers in music and the education to become leaders in the cultural life of their communities. As a gathering place for intellectual and artistic participants in the field of music, it serves to incubate and promote infinitely valuable art forms.

The Peabody Conservatory has become an acknowledged leader in the cultural life of Maryland and has built a reputation that is truly international. As a division of The Johns Hopkins University, Peabody takes its place beside the university’s other world-famous centers of research and learning in the sciences, humanities, and medicine, poised to define the contribution of music in our lives in the 21st century.

A Peabody Education

The Peabody Conservatory awards four degrees:

  • The Bachelor of Music (Performance, Jazz Performance, Composition, Computer Music, Recording Arts, Music Education)
  • The Master of Music (Composition, Computer Music, Conducting, Performance, Jazz Performance, Music Education, Musicology, Music Theory Pedagogy)
  • The Master of Arts (Recording Arts and Sciences)
  • The Doctor of Musical Arts (Composition, Conducting, Performance)

The Peabody Conservatory also awards three diplomas:

  • The Performer Certificate (Performance)
  • The Graduate Performance Diploma (Performance, Conducting)
  • The Artists Diploma (Performance, Conducting)

Educational Philosophy

Peabody students go on to occupy the top echelons of the music profession worldwide. However, because they engage in broader, humanistic courses, they also are able to play important roles in society, not just on the concert stage. The Institute's students and graduates are music entrepreneurs who have a dynamic presence in society where they are advocates not just for themselves, but also for the importance and relevance of music and art in contemporary culture.

The Peabody's philosophy reflects its founder's vision to bring together a community of artists, scholars and teachers to train artists, scholars and teachers:

Peabody believes in liberal arts for musicians

The Institute challenges its students to aspire to their highest potential as artists and as human beings. It seeks to promote a respect for music as a discipline of the mind and spirit, a joyful affirmation of life, and a passionate commitment to an ideal. By connecting its students with the great traditions of the past, Peabody gives them the key with which to unlock the future. The Peabody trains its students to manage their own careers and to create their own professional and artistic opportunities in the world.

Peabody promotes healthy competition and mentoring in a nurturing atmosphere

The Institute believes that excellence is achieved through a community with other artists, not isolation. Unlike other leading conservatories where students are routinely pitted against one another in competition, the Peabody's faculty cultivates a student's individual talents through collaboration.


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