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For audition repertoire, please visit the Audition Repertoire page. 

February Audition Week

Audition Week in February is like a carnival. All admissions-related events are held, including graduate assistantship interviews and doctoral interviews. The other audition events (regional and in May) have limitations. For instance, regional auditions in the U.S. are only available for undergraduates, and there are no Flute, Conducting, Composition, Percussion, or DMA auditions in May. Consult your Application Instruction Sheet and the listings below to get the whole picture.

  • Auditions will be scheduled on the dates below.
  • Applicants for Music Education, Recording Arts & Sciences, and Pedagogy, and (of course) Performance majors should plan to audition on the date designated for their principal instrument.
  • Auditions may be performed with or without accompaniment. Peabody provides an accompanist only for voice auditions held on campus, and Artist Diploma auditions. (Voice applicants performing a regional audition must bring an accompanist.) Some audition rooms at Peabody do not have pianos, so please contact us before bringing an accompanist with you.
  • Auditions are held regardless of the weather.

Please hold all dates open for your major until you are contacted. Sometimes we need to shift things around a little, so please check back here for the latest information. Please note that certain degree programs, like DMA, require you to be on campus more than one day.  Please refer to your degree's application instructions for more information. 

Please note that the dates below are for last year.  Specific dates for Audition Week 2015 will be posted early next week.  In the meantime, plan on audition week taking place on the week of Presidents' Day (Feb 15-20, 2015) with the days of the week listed below being the same for most majors.   

February Audition Week 2014:
Sunday-Friday, February 16-21, 2014

MajorAudition Dates
BassoonMonday, February 17
CelloMon. & Tues., February 17-18
ClarinetMonday, February 17
Composition (February Only)Mon.-Wed., Feb. 17-19
Computer MusicFriday, February 21
Conducting (February Only)Tues-Thurs, Feb. 18-20
Conducting-Wind (February Only)Thursday, February 21
Double BassMon. & Tues., February 17-18
Early MusicWednesday, February 19
EuphoniumTuesday, February 18
Flute & Piccolo (Feb. only)Tuesday, February 18
French HornMonday, February 17
GuitarMonday and Tuesday, Feb. 17-18
HarpTuesday, February 18
HarpsichordWednesday, February 19
JazzTues.-Thurs., Feb. 18-20
MusicologyWednesday, February 19
OboeMonday, February 17
OrganMon. - Friday, Feb. 17-21
PercussionWednesday, Feb. 19
Piano - Undergrad.Sunday-Tuesday, Feb. 16-18
Piano - GraduateWednesday-Friday, Feb. 19-21
SaxophoneTuesday, February 18
Theory PedagogyMonday-Friday, February 17-21
TromboneMonday, February 17
TrumpetMonday, February 17
TubaMonday, February 17
ViolaMonday, February 17
ViolinMonday-Thursday, February 17-20
Vocal AccompanyingMonday, February 17
Voice - UndergraduateMonday & Tuesday, February 17-18
Voice - GraduateWednesday-Friday, Feb 18-21


May Audition Week

Monday-Thursday, May 12-15, 2014

All performance majors are heard in February, but May auditions are limited in a number of ways:

  • There are no May auditions in Composition, Conducting, Flute, or Percussion.
  • There are no music education interviews in May
  • There are no DMA auditions or Artist Diploma auditions in May.
  • Applicants for the Homewood/Peabody double degree program cannot audition in May.
  • Graduate Assistantships are awarded based on February audition results, so while you may audition for acceptance to the MM or GPD programs in May, you may not apply for a graduate assistantship.

May Audition Week scholarships and financial aid will be dependent on funds remaining from February Audition Week.

2014 Regional Audition Schedule (Undergraduates Only)

Los AngelesWednesday, January 15, 2014
San FranciscoFriday, January 17, 2014
SeattleTuesday, January 21, 2014
New YorkThursday, January 31, 2014
BostonSunday, February 2, 2014

Regional Auditions are available for undergraduate applicants only. The Director of Admissions travels to the above locations to record auditions and to meet with applicants and their families. Members of the faculty do not attend regional auditions. The video recordings, and any written comments, are presented to the appropriate faculty during February Audition Week.

Due to limitations, we cannot schedule Regional Auditions for Composition, Percussion, Piano, Organ, or Jazz.

Accompaniment for Regional Auditions

If you are a Voice Applicant, you must provide your own accompanist. The Director of Admissions (who records regional auditions) nearly flunked piano when he was a student at Peabody. Believe us, you don't want to ask him to try to accompany you. Accompanists in other majors are optional, but not necessary.

Auditions in Asia

Peabody has been participating in a yearly Asia tour for over 20 years. The tour involves several schools, and offers the opportunity to perform one common audition.

The audition recordings are held at each school until an application arrives. The faculty at each school determines whether the audition is acceptable during the regular audition periods.

Piano Majors: Note that piano recordings made during the Asia tour are for Pre-Screening only. The piano faculty at Peabody requires a live audition (in person on campus in February) for admission.

Please visit the official web site for the Asia Tour (Chinese). It contains detailed information on where we will be visiting, when auditions will be held, and the expected audition repertoire. There is also a frequently asked question section, and contact information for scheduling auditions in each country.


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