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Audition Week 2017

Welcome to Peabody for Audition Week 2017. These pages contain much of the information you'll need for making the audition process, and your entire visit, as smooth as possible. Please refer to our What Happens Next? document for information specific to your department or program of study.   

Checking in

When you first arrive on campus, come directly to 17 E. Mt. Vernon Place. Walk straight ahead and down the stairs into the Arcade. Check-In will be to your right. From the Parking lot, go to the far corner of the second floor and follow signs saying “Main Entrance,“ “Concert Hall,” “Check-In” or “Arcade.” It’s all the same place. Check-In will be open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Follow the signs that say “Check-in.”

The check-in process is important, even for current Peabody students. If you do not check in, we may mistake you for a “no-show” and assign your audition time to someone else.

The Audition

Come to the assigned room well in advance to see how things are going. You may be asked to shift your audition time if the auditions are running early or late. Early arrival will be especially important if your audition occurs late in the day. In any case, be on site 45 minutes early to warm up. Practice rooms in Austrian Hall will be available to our visitors during Audition Week. 

We have asked you to prepare much more music than you can perform in the time allotted for your audition, so expect the faculty to ask for excerpts from your audition repertoire. Each faculty member will evaluate your acceptability to the school as well as to their teaching studios. Finally, each faculty member will give you a one-to-ten rating. Taken together, this will be the primary data used for accept/reject decisions, teacher assignments, and the awarding of performance scholarships.

Click here for information on DMA Piano Auditions.

Canceling Your Audition

“No-Shows” create havoc with the audition schedule. If you must cancel, please notify us at the earliest moment. You will help us with our planning, and you will also help others who may be on a waiting list for an audition time. 

Changing Your Audition Day Or Time

Scheduling constraints and the vastly different set-up requirements for each major make arranging auditions a real mess. Some auditions can only be scheduled on one day of the week. Others take place over five days. Scheduling changes create huge problems. One music school we know of is charging a fee. However, if you have a totally miserable conflict with another activity, call us and we will see if anything can be done.


Baltimore has its share of difficult weather, but auditions go on regardless—even if
The Johns Hopkins University is closed. For confirmation, visit Auditions Weather Update. This will direct you to a “Weather Worries” page. Any special messages will be there. Still, if you want to plan ahead, there are some things you can do if the very thought of snow gives you hives. Plan to travel to Peabody the day before your audition. 

Early arrival will allow time for delays and also give you a chance to get some rest and some practice before starting with your activities. If you are planning to drive here, especially from within the northeast corridor, check out the Amtrak schedule as a back-up. The trains are pretty reliable in bad weather, and we are only a short distance from the train station. In all cases, get here as soon as you can. Even if you miss your audition time, we can usually work you in.




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