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Musical Opportunities for JHU Students

Lots of possibilities

There are many options for Homewood students wanting a formal (or informal) music component included in their programs. We have highlighted the most formal of them in this section.  Use the link below for information on less formal options—taking classes, arranging lessons, participating in chamber music, establishing a music minor, or simply attending concerts.

Peabody at Homewood

Double Degree Programs

If you are enrolled in the Krieger School of the Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering at the Homewood Campus, you can pursue two degrees simultaneously—the one you have selected at Homewood and a bachelor of music degree at Peabody. Due to the performance requirement for admissions, you must (in addition to being accepted at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering) apply, audition and be accepted to Peabody. Admission to the double degree program is competitive, and only offered to a selected group of students accepted to both schools. Auditions are held in February and May for entrance the following fall. Your individual course of study will be determined by discussions between advisors at Peabody Conservatory and your division at Homewood. You can expect to take five or six years to finish both degrees. Tuition will be the same as it is for the Homewood divisions. For a complete discussion of double degree programs, see "The Double Degree Dilemma."

Recording Arts and Sciences - A Special Double Degree Program

This program is self-contained and administered entirely by Peabody Conservatory. We mention it here because people confuse it with the kind of double degree program one can pursue as a student of Arts and Sciences or Engineering. It is not. On the other hand, JHU students with an interest in classes associated with this program may cross register for them. Participation is on a space available basis. You can find more information on the Recording Arts web page.

Music as a Major

A bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree majoring in music is not offered at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences or at Peabody. Bachelor's degrees at Peabody are all bachelor of music (B.M.) degrees based on a high-level performance curriculum.

Music as a Minor

The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences offers a music minor for students who have some training and background in music and wish to pursue their interest in a systematic way without getting their degree in the field. It consists of a selection of music courses, including music history, theory, ensembles and/or lessons. Students interested in the music minor should contact the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences—not the Peabody Conservatory.


If you have a musical goal that can be reached through specific classes or private lessons at Peabody, you may cross-register. With the approval of the appropriate dean of your division at Johns Hopkins, you may take advantage of the resources of both the Preparatory (pre-college) and Conservatory (college) branches of Peabody.

Lessons and ensemble studies at Peabody are on a "space available" basis. There is an advantage to signing up early. For details, an information sheet entitled "How to Cross Register to Peabody" is available from your academic advisor's office.

Cross-registration information for Whiting School of Engineering.


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