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Society of PeabodyAlumni Leadership

Executive Committee 2016-2017

The Executive Committee is the governing board of the Society of Peabody Alumni. They meet 4-5 times a year and work on everything from Homecoming and the alumni newsletter, to enhancing the student experience by sponsoring study breaks. Nominations are presented each year in the spring. If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact the Alumni Office at


  • Elizabeth Berman, BM '05, Oboe; JHU '05 // Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC

First Vice President, President Elect

  • Braphus Kaalund, BM ’02, Trumpet // Amman, Jordan

Second Vice President, Immediate Past President

  • Matthew Rupcich, BM '90, Music Education // New York, NY

Recording Secretary

  • Zoe Fried, BM '15, MM '16, Oboe // Baltimore, MD


  • Eric Sweeney, MM '13, Voice // New York, NY


  • Carol Cannon, BM '67, Voice // West Columbia, SC
  • Jennifer Campbell, BM '14, MM '15, Piano // Philadelphia, PA
  • Jacqueline Capecci, BM ’87, Viola // Baltimore, MD
  • Serap Gray, BM '96, MM '99, Guitar // Baltimore, MD
  • Phyllis Harris-Stewart, BM '67, Music Education
  • Robert Hitz, BM '82, Piano // Baltimore, MD
  • James Kelley, BM '99, Percussion // Baltimore, MD
  • JungEun Kim, MM' 13, Musicology // Baltimore, MD
  • Peter Lee, BM '06, MM'08, Voice // Taipei, Taiwan
  • Paul Matlin, BM '70, MM '72, Viola // Baltimore, MD
  • Darcy Crum Meadows, MM '06, Voice // Baltimore, MD
  • Casey Middaugh, BM '07, Double Bass // Seattle, WA
  • Joel Nygren, BM ’14, Jazz Piano; MA ’15, Audio Sciences // Boston, MA
  • Britt Olsen-Ecker, BM ’09, Voice // Baltimore, MD
  • Rebecca Polgar, GPD '95, MM '97, Trumpet // Baltimore, MD
  • Ruth Rose, BM '83, MM '84, Piano // Baltimore, MD
  • Elizabeth Schaaf  '77, Voice // Baltimore, MD
  • Christine Rutt Schmitz, BM '75, Voice //Sykesville, MD
  • Tracey Pullo Schutty, MM '94, Flute // Baltimore, MD

Johns Hopkins Alumni Council

The Alumni Council governs the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association and is responsible for the overall direction and management of the Association. The Council includes approximately 100 voting members and eight student representatives, one from each division. The full Council holds an annual meeting each October. Note: Peabody is one of the smallest divisions of Johns Hopkins representing only 4% of JHU alumni.

Peabody Representatives to JHU Alumni Council 2016-2017

  • Paul Matlin, BM '70, MM '72, Viola
  • Matthew Rupcich, BM '90, Music Education
  • Elizabeth Berman, BM '05, Oboe; JHU '05
  • Najette Abouelhadi, student representative


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