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"I want to invite my Peabody roommate to my wedding, but I don't have her address!"

"Who from Peabody is living in San Francisco?"

A full online directory/community is available to you at the click of a button! The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association has developed a secure section of their site called JHConnect, which has a full, University-wide Alumni Directory. This is a great way to locate long lost friends, update your own information, network with peers or just see who's living near you.

"I've moved and I need to update my information!"

"I want other alumni to visit my website and know what I'm doing!"

You can update your information right online and even add links to websites, pictures, whatever represents you best. The information gathered through this directory is automatically compared to data we already have on file, and any updates will be made in our database. The free-form section of your profile can be personalized using html.

By providing us with your most recent biographical information, you will receive the Peabody Magazine, the Johns Hopkins Magazine, and assist us in producing a hard copy directory.

"I have questions, suggestions, comments..."

Please call 677-208-6558 or email Debbie Kennison in the Alumni Office.


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