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Chamber Music at Peabody

Chamber Music at Peabody



Below is information about the Chamber Music Program, including information about signing up for chamber music at the beginning of the year.  Please read it all carefully.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

Or contact my assistant, Cassidy Moore:


The first important thing to remember is:




Signing-Up for Chamber Music

  • The fall sign-up deadline is:  Friday, September 1st!!!!!!
  • Sign-up deadline for spring semester will be on Monday, December 11th.

As always, you can sign up for chamber music in one of two ways.  If you have formed a group, fill out a Pre-Formed Group Form.  Forms will be found on the bulletin board outside my studio (Rm. 302LH) and should be returned to the envelope on my door by Friday, September 1st.

If you have do not have a pre-formed group, but would like to participate in chamber music, you must sign up on the sign-up sheet on my board, also by Friday, September 1st. If you are new to Peabody, you are urged to allow me to help you find an appropriate group.  If you are asked to be in a group but you don't know the people in the group, you can contact me to find out if they would be appropriate people for you to be in a group with.

Attention all PIANISTS!!!!!

For All Pianists who are New to Peabody or have Never Played Chamber Music at Peabody Want to Play Chamber Music or Piano Ensemble:  If you are pianist and would like to play chamber music (which includes piano ensemble), you must play a short audition on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st.  Please sign-up for an audition time on the sign-up sheet on my board, outside of Rm. 302LH.  Please prepare two contrasting movements from your solo repertoire (works from the Classical period are encouraged!) and you will be asked to sight read a short, not-too-hard piece, as well.

When assigning groups, I have to give priority to pianists who play an audition.  You have a better chance of getting a group if you play!  There is no spring semester audition!

Because of the number of pianists at Peabody, pianists may only play in one group, and cannot do both chamber music and piano ensemble.


Chamber Music Party!

We will continue our tradition of the Chamber Music Party, which will take place on Wednesday, August 30tht at 3:30pmEveryone who would like to participate should meet by Room 302LH, on the third floor of Leakin Hall.  Please bring music! This is a chance to read some chamber music, meet new people, and possibly find some people that you would like to play with in the chamber music program.  Look for details when you come in the fall….

Chamber Music Meeting

There will be a meeting for any students interested in learning about the chamber music program on Wednesday, August 30th, from 1:30-2:30pm in Cohen-Davison Theatre.  At this meeting we will give you information about the chamber music program at Peabody, announce chamber music events for the upcoming year, and answer any questions you might have about chamber music at Peabody.


NEW!  Chamber Music Priority Times

Starting this year, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 1:30-3:20pm will be designated as “Chamber Music Priority Times.”  For every student who is enrolled in chamber music, these times should be reserved as possible coaching and rehearsal times.  Not every chamber music coaching will be able to fit into this time slot, but these times should always be free for groups that have difficult schedules.  Chamber Music Priority Times should make it easier for all of us to schedule chamber music coachings and rehearsals.

Please note that these times only effect students who are enrolled in chamber music.  Those who are not are free to schedule other things during these times.

Hittman Visiting Artists

We are excited to announce that the 2017-2018 Hittman Visiting Artists will be:

Clarinetist Alicia Lee (October 19)

Violinist Ara Gregorian (October 24)

The Brentano String Quartet (February 27)

These artists will be at Peabody for masterclasses, performances and other residency activities.


Faculty Chamber Music Masterclass:  Flutist Marina Piccinini (March 1)


Freshman Chamber Music Workshop:  A day for freshman to learn some of the important basics of chamber music, from rehearsal techniques to group dynamics to concert comportment. (October 25)

Special Event:  Chamber Music Movie Day!  High Fidelity: The Adventures of the Guarneri String Quartet  (February 28)


Honors Ensembles

Once again we will be choosing Peabody Honors Ensembles this year.  This program is open to serious and excellent groups of all kinds who wish to dedicate themselves to developing as an ensemble.  Honors Ensembles will be chosen by audition and will be given special performance and other opportunities.  Auditions will be held on Tuesday, December 5th.  For guidelines and details about the program, please go to


Concert Attendance Requirement

All students who are registered for chamber music must fulfill a concert attendance requirement.  Each student must attend the following number of concerts over the course of the semester:

2 student chamber music concerts

1 faculty or other professional chamber music concert


See the FAQ page on the Chamber Music Webpage for answers to most of your questions!


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