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Degrees in Historical Performance

Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music degree program at Peabody Conservatory is designed to offer gifted students the training to prepare themselves for careers in performance, composition, computer music, music education, recording arts, and related areas of professional activity.

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Also available:

  • BM in Music Education/Historical Performance
  • BM in Recording Arts/Historical Performance
  • Minor in the Business of Music
  • Minor in Musicology
  • Minor in Liberal Arts
  • Five-Year BM/MM Program
  • Joint Degree with Yong Siew Toh Conservatory
  • Concentration in Historical Performance

Master of Music

The program leading to the degree of Master of Music provides for intensive development of performance skills, extensive knowledge of the literature in the major field of study, and achievement of a broadened knowledge of the art. A Master of Music in Early Voice is offered.

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Graduate Performance Diploma

The Graduate Performance Diploma program is designed to meet the needs of highly accomplished graduate-level performers who wish to pursue a more performance-intensive goal than represented by the MM or DMA. A DMA in Harpsichord is available.

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