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Choral Placement Auditions

August 26, 27, and 28, 2015

The schedule of assigned audition times for the Peabody-Hopkins Chorus and the Peabody Singers for the 2015-2016 academic year are posted below for individuals who have a choral obligation. Voice majors are scheduled for 15-minute audition time slots, and should prepare two selections of their choice that best demonstrate their abilities. Non-voice majors are scheduled for eight minute audition time slots, and should prepare one selection of their choice (this can be anything from “Happy Birthday” to “Blowin' in the Wind”). The auditions are heard by Edward Polochick, Director of Choral Activities, and include brief ear-training and sight-singing tests in addition to each student’s prepared selections. Everyone should bring two copies of their selections with them to the audition. Mr. Polochick will also be the accompanist for the auditions. Any other interested students who would like to participate in the choral program should contact the chorus manager, Paul Faatz, to arrange an audition time. Students should arrive at the check-in table located in the grand arcade at least 15 minutes before their scheduled audition time, in order to fill out paperwork and be photographed. Joe Byrd Hall will be available for warmups. 

Wednesday, August 26

10:00 AM Bagwell, Charlotte
10:15 Buggy, Sara
10:30 Coxson, Dije
10:45 Falby, Cameron
11:00 Bandera, Carlos
11:08 Bouche Caro, Gabriel
11:16 Clarke, Ian
11:24 Criswell, Cody
11:32 Grabill, Elliott
11:40 Humcke, Christian
11:48 Kapilow, Benjamin
12:00 Kim, Yoon Ha
12:16 Metz, Jonathan
12:24 Phang, Kok Jun
12:40 Triplett, Matthew
12:48 Way, Connor


2:00 Holobinko, Katherine
2:15 McNulty, Alyce
2:30 Rim, Daveen
2:45 Sexton, David
3:15 Zapata, Lorenzo
3:30 Anderson, Elyse
3:45 Yeo, Phoebe
4:05 Samson, David
4:13 Hawley, Tirzah
4:33 Sarian, Elizabeth
4:53 Jia, Katherine

Thursday, August 27

10:00 AM Carson, Winfield
10:08 Chew, Jun An
10:16 Sun, Cynthia
10:24 Green, Alec
10:32 Hagopian, Phillip
10:40 Hebson, Atticus
10:48 Kim, Young Won
11:00 Wang, Junqi
11:08 Kramer, Marcus
11:16 Lim, Bing Nan
11:32 Martin, Terrence
11:40 Ouyang, Xiaoxiao
12:00 Pelland, Garret
12:08 Stelman, Shon
12:16 Tokiatrungruang, Pirapat
12:32 Walter, Benjamin


1:45 Schneider, Joanna
2:00 Calhoun, Mercy
2:15 McCormick, Kris
2:30 Christenbury, Katie
2:45 Dhar, Shurmila
3:00 Henderson, Carly
3:15 Plestis, Clara
3:30 Estes, Katharine
3:45 Lee, Young Eun
4:05 Edwards, Christopher
4:25 Moss, Jessica

Friday, August 28

10:00 AM Hutton, Bailey Jo
10:15 Tian, Esther
10:30 Tringali, Louisa
10:45 Zehnder, Norika
11:00 Long, Tianrun
11:15 Lee, Tammi
11:30 Swain, Thomas
11:45 Bowman, Jacob
12:00 Feng, Robert
12:15 Testerman, Brad
12:30 Snyderman, Laura
12:50 Picon, Edwina


1:40 Portelli, Lindsay
1:48 Srinivasan, Grace
2:08 Sabzghabaei, Daniel
2:23 McGuigan, Carolyn
2:43 Roose, Rebecca
3:00 Wiles, Rebecca
3:20 Wilson, Ben
3:35 Brown, Simone
3:55 Green, Alec
4:03 Kim, Young Won
4:11 Walter, Benjamin






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