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John Gabriel


John Gabriel is a visiting faculty member in musicology for the 2016-2017 academic year. He holds a Ph.D. in Historical Musicology with a secondary field in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Harvard University.

As a scholar, Dr. Gabriel seeks to understand the role of music and sound in the cultural history of Central Europe and the United States in the early twentieth century. His interests include the productive collisions of art and popular idioms, of old traditions and new technologies, and of competing socio-political ideologies. His current research focuses on socially and politically engaged music theater in Weimar Republic Germany and its influence on music theater in Czechoslovakia and the United States. Secondary research areas include music’s position in the decadent culture of fin-de-siècle Vienna and Prague, and in the social, economic, and technological revolutions of July Monarchy Paris.

Dr. Gabriel’s work has appeared in edited volumes in both English and German, and he has presented his research at conferences across North America, Europe, and Israel, including the annual meetings of the Modern Languages Association, German Studies Association, and Society for American Music.



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