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Cost of Attendance

Each year the Financial Aid Office establishes standard student budgets that use cost of attendance (COA) estimates for awarding financial aid funds. The COA budget reflects typical expense patterns of Peabody students based on research conducted by the Financial Aid Office from reliable sources. Some students will spend more than the standard amounts, while others will spend less, depending on individual circumstances.

The COA budget is not your tuition bill. Not all items listed in the budget will be paid to the school. COA figures reflect projected tuition and fee increases, as well as estimated living expenses (room and board for on or off campus housing), transportation, personal expenses and other relevant costs a student may incur. The Peabody Business Office will bill students for actual charges to be paid to the school before the start of each semester.

Please select the appropriate school year to review the estimated cost of attendance at Peabody. The actual cost for books, supplies, travel, personal and off campus living expenses varies by student.


Estimate of Educational Expenses 2017 - 2018


Degree Programs


Diploma Programs


Room and Board15,57610,826
Personal *1,6041,604
Books and Supplies *744744
Travel Estimate **986986
Health Services Fee485


Technology Fee350350
Health Insurance ***1,8801,880
Matriculation Fee ****700700

*On campus room and board is based on double occupancy and board plan I.  First year students must sign up for board plan I.  The estimated on-campus room & board allowance for 2017-2018 is $15,576.  The estimated off-campus allowance is $10,826 (for a nine-month period).  The estimated room and board costs for students living with parents is $5413 (for a nine-month period).

**Travel Estimate - Based on travel within the U.S.  If traveling overseas, projected cost will be higher, please plan accordingly.

***Health Insurance – All students are required to have health insurance. If you cannot provide proof of adequate coverage through your parents or another source, you will be required to purchase health insurance through the Johns Hopkins University Student Health Plan. 

***Matriculation Fee is charged to first year students only.


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