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Guitar at Peabody


The Guitar Department at Peabody, the first at a major conservatory in the United States, has been a leader in guitar performance education since the 1960s. Founded by Aaron Shearer, the department has produced some of the finest performers and teachers active today, including Manuel Barrueco, Ricardo Cobo, Julian Gray, Nathaniel Gunod, Ronald Pearl, David Starobin, and David Tanenbaum among others.

Today, the Peabody Guitar Department continues its pioneering tradition with a faculty of distinguished performers and educators who enjoy national and international careers. Their combined skills and knowledge coalesce into one common goal: to inspire students to strive for the highest level of musical expression and develop their talent on the guitar to its fullest potential.

The guitar curriculum offers a full range of courses to support the development of future teachers and concert artists. It features weekly performance classes, pedagogy, guitar ensemble, guitar and lute literature classes, and guitar skills and lute tablature instruction. All students in the guitar program work with Manuel Barrueco through master classes and other venues.



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