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Writing Tutors

The Peabody Writing Center hosts drop-in hours with the writing tutors on Sunday evenings from 7 to 10 PM in the Marbury Room.

Individual tutoring sessions for students in Humanities courses may be arranged by contacting a tutor directly (see below). If you aren't sure whom to contact, let us know and we will assist in arranging a session. If you schedule a session and cannot keep the meeting, you must contact your tutor as soon as possible.  

If you are not in a Humanities course, go here.

If you have questions or concerns about the Humanities Writing Center, contact Tutoring Coordinator Elizabeth Kerstein ( or Dr. Hollis Robbins ( 

Emily Austin Smith received her bachelors degrees in cello and English from Peabody and Johns Hopkins and is now a second year masters student in Alan Stepansky's studio. In addition to being a writing tutor, Emily is also a Humanities Department Graduate Assistant. As an English major at Hopkins, Emily read lots of books and wrote so many papers that they actually started to be fun! She graduated with honors and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Society in 2013. When she's not practicing, helping with student papers, or writing her own, you might find Emily reading anything she can get her hands on, attempting to do yoga in her microscopic apartment, or exploring Baltimore with her extremely hairy and impossibly cute dog, Lily. To make an appointment to work with Emily, email her at


Joelle Arnhold is currently a first year DMA student in Vicky Chiang’s studio. Many moons ago, Joelle studied at a liberal arts university where her brain was often caught in the middle of intense labor, and, over the years, gave birth to many healthy papers. In her past life, she was a competitive athlete, like the kind that runs a sixminute mile and then has more where that came from. Incidentally, Joelle knows the rule about never ending a sentence with a preposition, but sometimes does it anyway.  Joelle has played soccer with Gil Shaham and Burt Hara, and once almost collided with David Finkel, Wu Han, and Kim Kashkashian. She said “excuse me, I’m so sorry,” and then walked away. This year, she is one of Peabody’s Humanities Graduate Assistants.


Heidi Bauer is a fourth-year undergraduate Cello Performance and Music Education student at Peabody Conservatory. She was homeschooled until her Junior year of high school, when she moved from her home town of Bailey, Colorado to Natick, Massachusetts to attend The Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Heidi studied with Alison Wells for her first three years at Peabody, and this year is a student of Alan Stepansky. In addition to her studies at Peabody, Heidi enjoys a diverse range of activities, including: cooking, working with Orchkids (the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s inner city music program, and being a site-coordinator for Peabody’s Creative Access. When editing writing works-in-progress, Heidi strongly advocates reading aloud to find discrepancies in grammar and punctuation. Feel free to contact Heidi at for assistance with any writing assignments. She may even read them out loud for you.

Priscilla Chang is a piano performance major in her fifth year of the BM/MM Program at Peabody Conservatory and is currently studying with Ellen Mack. A lover of everything sunny and breezy like the beaches of California, the awesome state where she was raised, Priscilla enjoys making her way down to the Inner Harbor on beautiful days to read and daydream (of course, outside of time spent dutifully practicing and writing her papers...maybe...). Priscilla has also journeyed to Taiwan frequently during many summers as a voluntary English teacher in schools around the country. Knowing the importance of getting feedback in the writing process, she has also helped many friends and classmates with their papers before more formally becoming a tutor at Peabody. To schedule a time to work with Priscilla, please send an email to: 

Belinda Chen is currently a fourth year undergraduate student studying piano performance with Alexander Shtarkman. From Seattle, Washington, the coffee capital of the world, Belinda is a huge coffee lover and spends most of her free time reading books in coffee shops. Passionate about literature and writing, Belinda’s favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck, and her favorite writers include Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoevsky, DH Lawrence, Marcel Proust, and John Steinbeck. Contact Belinda at to get helpful feedback!


Christopher Ciampoli is in the first year of pursuing a DMA in music composition under the instruction of Michael Hersch. Performance remains an informative aspect of his primary career as a composer, as Christopher continues to present standard historical repertoire while frequently premiering new solo and chamber works for violin. In addition to his dedication to consulting writers of any age or experience level, Christopher serves as the graduate assistant to the composition department. To schedule a meeting please email


Ledah Finck is a junior violin student studying with Herbert Greenberg, and she also studies composition with Judah Adashi. This is her first year at Peabody, as she previously attended the University of North Carolina for two years, where she performed regularly as a chamber musician, old-time and Celtic fiddler, and member of a variety of bands. She has always been passionate about reading and writing, which fostered a great love of words and language (as a seventh grader she was a contestant in a regional spelling bee; failing to make it the next level to nationals is perhaps what led her to pursue a career in music). She would love to help you be as successful a writer as possible, so please feel free to email her at to set up a meeting.

Garrett Hale is currently an undergraduate sophomore at the Peabody Conservatory, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in Oboe Performance. At Peabody, Garrett studies oboe with Jane Marvine and also has studied piano under Eric Zuber. Additionally, he is working towards a minor in Liberal Arts with a focus in linguistics and cognitive science from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. In his spare time, Garrett enjoys playing trivia games, watching films (and listening to their scores), dining out, and spending time with his four cats. 

Joshua Hughes is a baritone/trumpeter/pianist/conductor/cyclist/traveler/avid crock-pot-meal-maker currently pursuing a Master of Music in Voice Performance and Pedagogy. Joshua has lived in four different countries, eight different states, and has been spit on by Patti LuPone. He went to high school in Smithville, MO, received his Bachelor of Music Education from Oklahoma City University, and was valedictorian of his class at both institutions. He is currently the assistant music director at First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ellicott City, MD. Joshua is the Peabody ESL Graduate Assistant and is available for tutoring in any subject to every international student. Email him at to set up an appointment.

Andrew Posner is a fourth-year undergraduate composer studying with Dr. Kevin Puts. In addition to his musical studies, he enjoys writing humorous autobiographical short stories and persuasive essays and dedicates himself to strengthening his own creative process and that of his peers and friends. Although most of his tutoring experience has involved working with students to improve expository writing, please feel welcome to contact him for any sort of writing help at


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