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Writing Tutors

The Peabody Writing Center hosts drop-in hours with the writing tutors on Sunday evenings from 7 to 10 PM in the Marbury Room.

Individual tutoring sessions for students in Humanities courses may be arranged by contacting a tutor directly (see below). If you aren't sure whom to contact, let us know and we will assist in arranging a session. If you schedule a session and cannot keep the meeting, you must contact your tutor as soon as possible.  

If you are not in a Humanities course, go here.

If you have questions or concerns about the Humanities Writing Center, contact Dr. Elizabeth Archibald or Dr. Hollis Robbins  


Andrew Posner is a third-year undergraduate composer studying with Dr. Kevin Puts. In addition to his musical studies, he enjoys writing humorous autobiographical short stories and persuasive essays and dedicates himself to strengthening his own creative process and that of his peers and friends. Although most of his tutoring experience has involved working with students to improve expository writing, please feel welcome to contact him for any sort of writing help at


Elizabeth Kerstein is a mezzo-soprano in her second year as a MM Opera student at Peabody. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she attended St. Olaf College in Minnesota, where she earned a BM in Voice Performance, worked as a writing tutor, and experienced -30 degree winters.  To balance the great deal of time she spent studying music in undergrad, she devoted much of her education to studying religion, literature, and German. Feel free to approach her with a paper in any subject, as she would love to help you tackle your papers and develop your own writer’s voice! To schedule an appointment with Elizabeth, contact by email at


Peggy Houng is a second-year harpist pursuing a B.M. in Harp Performance under the instruction of Dr. Ruth Inglefield. She is also a double degree student studying cognitive science at the Johns Hopkins University. Peggy lives on campus and spends most of her time out of class in her room practicing, studying, and/or eating. She can speak a bit of Mandarin Chinese, so if you're a Chinese-speaker Peggy can attempt to help you in Chinese. She loves to work with people, so if you ever need any help with your writing assignments, feel free to email her at with any questions.


Emily Barone is a sophomore undergraduate student at the Peabody Conservatory of Music where she currently pursues a double major in Flute Performance and Music Education with a minor in Music Theory. At the Peabody Conservatory of Music, Emily is in the flute studio of Laurie Sokoloff. Emily has studied flute with Sara Nichols and she currently studies baroque flute with Gwyn Roberts.

Ms. Barone has a passion for teaching as well as flute performance and has taught private flute and fife lessons for four years. Emily volunteers weekly for the Child Life Department at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital and teaches music through exploration and play. Emily is a Private Events staff member for the George Peabody Library and the Evergreen Museum and Library, and is the Program Associate for the Peabody Residence Hall. She has worked for the Baltimore Symphony’s OrchKids program and has also been an intern for the BSO Academy for the past two years. Contact her at to schedule a meeting.


Joelle Arnhold is currently a second year GPD student in Vicky Chiang’s studio.  Though mostly occupied with practicing, she has also been known to eat, occasionally cooking the food beforehand, but not always.  Many moons ago, Joelle studied at a liberal arts university where her brain was often caught in the middle of intense labor, and, over the years, gave birth to many healthy papers.  One time she ran a mile in 6’47’’ and has slept through several earthquakes.  In her spare time, Joelle tries very hard to like green tea. 

Please email her at to talk about developing ideas or improving your writing at any stage in the process.


A champion of new music, Cody Raum began his musical studies at ten, studying the double bass privately with Lynn Fleming. He now attends the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University pursuing a Bachelor’s certificate in Double Bass Performance, studies with Jeffrey Wesiner. Cody plans to complete his work in Baltimore in 2014 with Dr. Vern C. Falby earning a Master’s Diploma in Music Theory Pedagogy; his Master’s thesis will include in-depth analyses of György Ligeti’s Piano Études.  That's the official story; here's what's important:  Mr. Raum enjoys ländlers, chess, and soft cheeses, calls his mother regularly, and is an out-spoken advocate for the propagation of the oxford comma.  What's that?  Let Cody help you with this and other subtleties of masterful writing by scheduling a meeting with him for your humanities papers.  To schedule a meeting with Cody, send him a note at:


Laura Whittenberger  is a soprano GPD student of Stanley Cornett, and currently works as the graduate assistant in the ESL department. Laura has been tutoring and teaching English for 6 years, having begun during her time at Indiana University, where she finished degrees in both English and Voice. Laura is certified to teach English as a second language, and enjoys working with international students. She lived and taught English for a year in Leipzig, Germany. Now she holds a position as an ESL instructor at Howard Community College and works in the Peabody Career Center. To her, being a musician and teaching writing are the two best jobs in the world. Laura has experience working with students in a wide array of fields, and would love to help you improve your writing assignments or projects. To schedule a meeting, please email:


Kathleen Schmidt is in her first year at Peabody as a Master's candidate in early music voice.  Before attending Peabody, she worked for three years at the Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver as a local author liaison, screening authors' books before accepting them to be sold on consignment in the store.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in history from the Colorado College, where she minored in music.  At Colorado College, her study of history focused on medieval Europe, American Indians, and American immigration.  Colorado College also provided her with a strong background in German language and literature, ethnomusicology, women's studies, linguistics, and experimental music.  Kathleen can employ her professional experience in the non-profit and commercial sectors to assist with any writing for your Humanities classes at Peabody.  Kathleen spends her rare and precious free moments dreaming about the Colorado mountains, eating sushi (the spicier the better), passionately pontificating about political causes, smiling at unintentional alliterations, secretly editing her friends' Facebook statuses for grammar and spelling accuracy, and chasing that elusive Siren known as sleep.  To set up a time to check commas over coffee, please email her at


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