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Community Engagement

Peabody operates a range of innovative programs that bring musicians and Baltimore community members together - these programs impact more than 20,000 young people in our city each year. The Music Entrepreneurship & Career Center also assists Peabody students to develop new projects that engage the community.

By taking part in these initiatives, Peabody students contribute to Baltimore's vibrant cultural life, build important skills, and discover ways to make their music relevant to diverse audiences.

Since 2012, MECC has facilitated the establishment of several new concert series at which Peabody students perform throughout Baltimore. We have also launched an ongoing program whereby Peabody graduate students work as teaching assistants and perform with teen musicians at a local arts high school.

Watch the video Pathways to Peabody, which profiles participants in Peabody's renowned Tuned-In, Junior Bach, and Boys Ballet programs.

More info about selected Community Engagement and Cultural Development programs.


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