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For job listings, competitions, scholarships, touring resources and more, see our Job/Opportunity Search page. Instrument-specific resources are compiled at

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Acoustical Studies

Arts Administration

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Arts Advocacy

Arts Councils

Arts Medicine

Audio Engineering - See Recording

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Business Cards & Printing

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Business Plans (also see Entrepreneurship)

CD Manufacture

Chamber Music

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Church & Sacred Music

Community Music

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Commissioning Music


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Conducting (also see Orchestra, Voice, Winds)

Contractors - see Unions

Crowdfunding (also see Grants)

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Direct-to-Fan Platforms (also see Newsletters)

Directories (also see Touring Resources on our Job Search Page)


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Early Music

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Elevator Pitch


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Event Calendars

Financial Literacy

Grants (also see Crowdfunding & Scholarships)

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Health Insurance

Higher Education (also see Music Education)

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International Students/Visas

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K-12 Education (also see Music Education)

  1. Praxis exam info for MD (Passing required for MD public school teaching certification)
  2. MD Dept. of Education Certification Info | MD Dept. of Education Homepage
  3. Baltimore Teaching Fellows
  4. Maryland Education Recruitment Consortium
  5. JHU Master of Arts in Teaching (Other universities offer similar degrees)
  1. Private School Teacher Salaries & Information (certification not required; salaries often lower than in public schools)
  2. Council for American Private Education
  3. National Association of Independent Schools
  4. Association of Independent Schools in Maryland/DC
  5. Private Schools in Maryland

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Legal Advice


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Military Bands (premier level)

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Music Career Advice (general). Also see Touring

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Music Education (also see Higher Education & K-12 Education)

Music Industry (also see Publishing)

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Music Theory (also see Composition)

Music Therapy

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Newsletters (also see Direct-to-Fan Platforms)

Opera - see Voice

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Organ (also see Church)


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Presenting (also see Programming)

Press Kits

Press Releases

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Professional Development

Programming (also see Presenting)

Project Management

Public Relations

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Publishing & Licensing

Recording & Audio Engineering

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Self-Employment (see Entrepreneurship)


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Taxes & Accounting

Teaching Artists



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Visas - see International Students

Voice/Opera (also see Chorus)

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