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This area of graduate focus is designed for students accepted to a performance major who wish to broaden their study to include particular emphasis attention to concurrent development of pedagogical knowledge and skills. Performance/Pedagogy does not indicate a separate degree program, It does indicate pedagogy emphasis accomplished through elective credit with in the student's M.M. performance program. Pedagogy emphasis is currently available in the areas of harp, guitar, piano, violin, viola, and voice. On occasion, pedagogy emphasis may be achieved for other areas (i.e. string bass) through a 2-year internship. In addition to the usual performance major requirements, the curriculum is designed to provide maximum opportunity for the students to develop his/her teaching skills - through class work, observation, and practice using the combined resources of the Institute's Conservatory and Preparatory faculties and programs. The admission process includes an audition before the major performance faculty plus and interview with members of the pedagogy faculty. Individuals approved to embark upon this study are assigned a three-person advisory committee. The required two-credit elective is waived for guitar majors who are instead required to enroll in Guitar Seminar and Guitar Literature. Performance/Pedagogy candidates majoring in orchestral instruments must participate in the Peabody Symphony Orchestra or Peabody Concert Orchestra during each semester of residency.