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Percussion at Peabody


The overall goal of the percussion department is to provide a rewarding and fulfilling musical experience while simultaneously preparing each student to be a serious competitor in the multi-faceted music industry. The percussion department operates in an atmosphere of cooperation and responsibility. Its members cultivate a spirit of mutual respect which enables the department to perform in an organized, prepared and professional manner. Ultimately, the goal is to serve music at the highest standard.

Private Lessons

The weekly private lesson is the cornerstone of the student’s educational experience at Peabody. Faculty member Robert Van Sice offers diverse and up-to-date viewpoints on performance, interpretation and technique in a unique interactive program of study. Students are given the opportunity to customize their curriculum to include at least one year of study with a faculty artist other than their major teacher. This program is designed to encourage a learning process in which diversity stimulates and sustains creativity and thoughtfulness in the performing arts. At Peabody, students also have the opportunity to combine performance study with degree programs in Recording Arts, Music Education or Computer Music, and to take selected courses at other divisions of The Johns Hopkins University.

Performance Opportunities

  • Peabody Percussion Ensemble
  • Chamber and solo recitals
  • Master classes with internationally renowned solo artists


Robert Van Sice

Percussion, Timpani

Gwendolyn Burgett

Assisting Faculty

Tom Freer

Assisting Faculty

Garrett Arney 

Studio Assistant


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