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Peabody Ensembles

In its hundred-year-plus history, the Peabody Symphony Orchestra has premiered hundreds of new works and given the Baltimore premiere of countless others. The orchestra has performed in Moscow's Tchaikovsky Hall and New York's Lincoln Center, as well as at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Former members of the Peabody orchestras and ensembles hold positions with prestigious orchestras around the world, often as principal or co-principal chairs.

The large ensemble program at the Peabody Conservatory is designed to acquaint the entire student body, as well as the participating student, with the rich and varied literature of many musical genres, and to provide participants with the means, through rigorous rehearsals and frequent public performances, of developing their musical skills to a high level of artistic competence. These student performances also represent a considerable and significant portion of Peabody's contribution to the cultural life of the surrounding community.

Peabody orchestras have regularly won ASCAP Awards for the Adventuresome Programming of Contemporary Music, and Peabody competition winners, faculty, and distinguished guest artists often perform concertos with the orchestras.

Peabody Symphony Orchestra

Hajime Teri Murai, Music Director Laureate

The Peabody Symphony Orchestra draws its members primarily from graduate and upper-division students of the highest level of musicianship, and performs six to seven public concert programs each season. More

Peabody Concert Orchestra

Hajime Teri Murai, Music Director Laureate

The Peabody Concert Orchestra, whose members are drawn mainly from undergraduate students, performs six public concert programs per season. More

Peabody Modern Orchestra

Dr. Harlan D. Parker, Conductor

Peabody's newest large ensemble, the Peabody Modern Orchestra (PMO), made its debut in the 2013-2014 season with two inaugural concerts showcasing an exciting cross section of 21st century and late 20th century works for mixed large ensemble. Conducted by Dr. Harlan D. Parker, the PMO serves to acquaint participating students and the concertgoing public with cutting edge new music that dissolves the stylistic distinctions between a broad range of musical genres. With an emphasis on living composers who continue to score works for traditional orchestral instruments – since those are what we teach at Peabody – the PMO highlights important trends of the present and recent past that challenge the way we play, hear and appreciate music. More

Peabody Wind Ensemble

Dr. Harlan D. Parker, Conductor

With typically about 80 musicians in its roster, the Peabody Wind Ensemble is one of the world's preeminent wind orchestras. The ensemble performs four concerts each season, with repertoire including not only standards from symphonic winds literature, but also a significant number of very contemporary works, including frequent world premieres. More

The Peabody Singers

Edward Polochick, Director

The Peabody SIngers are a select ensemble of roughly 40-50 members chosen mainly from, though not limited to, voice majors and those non-voice majors with excellent skills and previous choral experience. The focus is on virtuosic choral literature, both a cappella and accompanied. In addition to their own performances, the Peabody Singers also participate in performances of the Peabody-Hopkins Chorus. More

The Peabody-Hopkins Chorus

Edward Polochick, Director

The Peabody-Hopkins Chorus is a large choral ensemble consisting primarily of Peabody Institute non-orchestral majors, advancing voice majors, and students from the Homewood Campus of the Johns Hopkins University.  The ensemble performs large-scale works from the standard choral-orchestral literature, usually in collaboration with the Peabody Singers and the Peabody Concert Orchestra, as well as occasional a cappella works. More

Peabody Jazz Ensemble

Michael Formanek, Director

The Peabody Jazz Ensemble, led by Michael Formanek, is a jazz big band comprised of saxophones, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpets, trombones, euphonium, horn, tuba, piano, guitar, drums, vibes, and hand percussion. It is one of the required large ensemble for jazz performance majors during each semester of enrollment in the program, and is designed to provide performance experience with literature encompassing all of the jazz idioms. More

Peabody Improvisation & Multimedia Ensemble

Gary Thomas, Director

The Peabody Improvisation & Multimedia Ensemble (PIME) is a large ensemble of varied instruments: strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, voices. While the major focus of PIME is to provide an ensemble setting in which the students gain valuable experience and develop practical performance skills, an additional aim is to expand the boundaries of traditional ensemble performance by incorporating elements of other genres of artistic expression: dance, visual art, poetry; and various multimedia technologies: computers, MIDI, and video. Performance pieces cover a broad scope, ranging from standard big band repertoire to audio-visual works combining elements of music, visual art, dance, film and poetry.

Peabody Renaissance Ensemble

Mark Cudek, Director

The Peabody Renaissance Ensemble was founded in 1988 by Mark Cudek. PRE is comprised of students and staff of Peabody and the Johns Hopkins University as well as guests from the Baltimore-Washington early music community.  PRE consists of a vocal ensemble and instrumental consorts of violas da gamba, recorders, lutes and guitars, and percussion. More

Baltimore Baroque Band

John Moran and Risa Browder, Directors

Hailed as “technically polished, rich in color and refined nuances” by Tim Smith (Baltimore Sun, 28 January 2015), Baltimore Baroque Band is the baroque orchestra of the Peabody Conservatory of Music. Playing side-by-side with their professors, students learn to play in a conductor-less large ensemble that combines the commitment and attentiveness of chamber music with the discipline of orchestral playing. More

Now Hear This

Courtney Orlando, Artistic Director
David Smooke, Faculty Advisor

Peabody’s newest new music group, Now Hear This (NHT), is an ensemble of  varying size whose focus is delivering exciting and imaginative programs of all different genres of contemporary music – from classical to crossover, from minimalism to modernism. More


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