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Peabody Improvisation
& Multimedia Ensemble

The Peabody Improvisation & Multimedia Ensemble (PIME) is a large ensemble of varied instruments: strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, voices. While the major focus of PIME is to provide an ensemble setting in which the students gain valuable experience and develop practical performance skills, an additional aim is to expand the boundaries of traditional ensemble performance by incorporating elements of other genres of artistic expression: dance, visual art, poetry; and various multimedia technologies: computers, MIDI, and video. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the creation of new works. The Peabody Improvisation & Multimedia Ensemble is open to all Johns Hopkins students. Placement is by audition or by permission of the ensemble director, Gary Thomas.

As one of the large ensembles of Peabody's jazz studies department, PIME participation satisfies the large ensemble requirement for jazz majors only. However, non-jazz majors in their 2nd through 4th years of study may petition the director of ensemble operations, Linda Goodwin, and the associate dean for academic affairs, Paul Mathews, to use their participation in PIME or the Peabody Jazz Orchestra to satisfy one or more semesters of required elective credit, contingent upon a successful audition for acceptance into either ensemble.

Auditioning students must demonstrate professionalism and a willingness to develop their skills as a musician to their fullest potential. Students must also display a practical knowledge of the technical aspects of their primary instrument and when playing prepared pieces, solos, transcriptions and sight-reading materials, must exhibit fluency, and melodic and rhythmic accuracy.

Interested students who have not already taken a jazz placement audition should visit the Ensemble Office to ask that they be considered for inclusion in PIME. The ensemble rehearses on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30-3:30 pm.

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