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Campaign Leadership

Mark Paris - Former PNAC Chair & Peabody Campaign Co-Chair

Mr. Paris (Peabody Conservatory, BM ’84, Voice) also holds degrees from Muhlenberg College and Harvard University. He is formerly the managing director and head of Citigroup’s Municipal Financial Products Group. He established several new businesses  within Citi, including the first municipal venture capital fund as well as building the higher education investment banking business. An avid supporter of his educational affiliations, Mr. Paris has served on the board of trustees for Muhlenberg College and Gill St.  Bernard’s School in Gladstone, N.J. He has also held leadership positions on the boards of Solaris Health System, Hamilton Farm Golf Club, and Trinity United Methodist Church. Mr. Paris, who lives in Morris County, N.J. with his wife, Tammy Bormann, established the Christian Paris Scholarship at the Peabody Conservatory.

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Sandra Levi Gerstung - PNAC Member & Peabody Campaign Co-Chair

Ms. Gerstung attended the Peabody Preparatory to study dance, both modern and ballet. She received her AA and BFA in dance at Stephens College. In addition to her role on the PNAC, she currently serves as a trustee for the Baltimore  Museum of Art and the Baltimore Community Foundation. Ms. Gerstung has held leadership positions at the Living Classrooms Foundation, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Irvine Natural Science Center, Alvin Ailey Dance Company in  Maryland, Baltimore City Ballet, and the Maryland Ballet Company. In the last campaign, Ms. Gerstung established the Levi Family Distinguished Artist Fund at Peabody, and for this campaign she established the Levi Family  Distinguished Artist Fund for Preparatory Dance.



Taylor Hanex - PNAC Chair & Peabody Campaign Co-Chair

Ms. Hanex (Peabody Conservatory, BM ’75, MM ’78, Piano) began her musical studies at the Peabody Preparatory when she was 12. She holds an MBA from Fordham University and is senior vice president for  wealth management at Merrill Lynch, where she has worked for the last 20 years. She is a trustee of the Johns Hopkins University and serves as a member of the Audit, Compliance, and Insurance  Committee,  Internal Audit Subcommittee, and the Student Life Committee.  She is the Peabody Ambassador to the Johns Hopkins Legacy Society and a member of the Campaign Cabinet. In addition, Ms. Hanex is a member of   the Chairman’s Council of the American Ballet Theater. At Peabody, she has established the John J. Hanex Memorial Scholarship.

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