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Rising to the Challenge: The Campaign for Johns Hopkins unites us in the strongest possible commitment to our core values of excellence, discovery, community and collaboration. At its core, Johns Hopkins is powered by a fierce dedication to enrich, to heal, to help — to learn and know and do more.  In this new campaign we seek to raise unprecedented levels of support -- $4.5 billion – to attract, sustain, and further empower the students, faculty, and researchers of Johns Hopkins, who improve the lives of millions around the world.  Rising to the Challenge will accomplish this by centering it objectives on a foundation of three thematic pillars:

Advance Discovery and Creativity through support of our exceptional faculty and researchers. Their innovative work drives the development of new knowledge, new forms of expression, and new clinical care and furthers progress across our core disciplines in science and technology, the humanities and arts, and health and medicine.

Enrich the Student Experience by investing in scholarships and fellowships, inspirational spaces for collaborative learning and social opportunities, and new programs that will enhance student-faculty interactions, ensure diversity on campus, link learning in the classroom to life after graduation, and strengthen connections between our students and our surrounding communities.

Solve Global Problems as One University by creating new cross-disciplinary solutions in crucial areas such as sustaining global water resources, revitalizing America’s cities, advancing individualized and global health, and understanding how we learn and teach.

The 21st Century Cities Initiative will spark and test innovative solutions for creating wealth, expanding opportunities, transforming education, promoting well-being and health, strengthening infrastructure, and cultivating the arts in our cities. Watch here as Dean Fred Bronstein joins other experts from across the University in a panel discussion about this program.

The Peabody Institute is energized by the campaign and its driving principals. It is committed to realizing bold goals that reflect the three pillars and will move the Conservatory and Preparatory to new heights of achievement.

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