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Peabody Donor's Choice

Harpists at 13th World Harp Congress

Eleven former and current Peabody Harpists are among presenters selected for the 13th World Harp Congress, to be held in Hong Kong in July 2017.

These harpists have been asked to present two special performances!  The first will be a new music forum: they will discuss and play selected works that have been finalists in an important composition contest associated with the USA International Harp Competition.

The second will be their own unique, prize-winning video DIMENSIONS (above), featuring several members of Baltimore's artist community.  The harpists were privileged to collaborate with Robert Benson, mirror artist; Baltimore Aerial Dance with Nina Chastity and Arte Flamenco de Natalia Monteleon; Beale Street Puppets; Christopher Bathgate, metal artist; Katherine Fahey, "Crankie" landscape artist; the Hubble Telescope video projects; Tim McFadden Art Glass; and audiovisual artist Rob Neubauer, who also acted as Producer and Creative Director of the full video.

This is an amazing opportunity for the performers as well as an honor for the Conservatory and the arts in Baltimore . . . but now we need to get all the musicians to Hong Kong!  Because of the many generous donors who have visited this site to date -- as well as some contributions not shown on this page --we're getting close to purchasing plane tickets! But that's not the end -- we also have registration fees -- a whopping $650/person -- to worry about, and then of course housing. Please mention us to your friends!

Personnel involved in this project:  Erin Baker, Peggy Houng, Luna Chen, Olivia Kim, Thea Kammerling, Olivia Castor, Melody Leung, Jussica Sudarta, Jordan Thomas, Melody Swen, Rob Neubauer, Jasmine Hogan and Ruth Inglefield.

(More information here.)

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Peabody Young People’s String Program

Celebrates 30th Annual Halloween Concert

YPSP Composition Competition, in Memory of John Eaton

The Peabody Preparatory Young People’s String Program is celebrating its 30th annual Halloween Concert on Sunday October 30th, 2016 at 2pm in Miriam A. Friedberg Concert Hall. Every year, over 100 fully costumed violinists and cellists ages 4 to 14 join together on stage at Peabody to perform a lively concert. To commemorate the anniversary, the program held a composition competition in June 2016 open to Conservatory and Preparatory student composers. The winning work will be premiered by YPSP students at the upcoming Halloween Concert. As our young string players develop their musicianship, the exposure to new music and the experience of collaborating with a living composer is both memorable and extremely enriching. Our students and faculty are excited to prepare this anniversary concert which will include performances by YPSP violin, viola and cello students, guest YPSP alumni and a special narrated musical story by the YPSP celli. A donation of any amount, large or small, will help contribute to this project.

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Pre-Conservatory Violin Program Goes to Scotland

Support the Pre-Conservatory Violin Program as they head to Glasgow, Scotland this Thanksgiving break for a collaboration with  the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Former Conservatory faculty Alison Wells and PCVP Director Rebecca Henry planned this project and Ms. Henry will also be giving a day of pedagogy workshops for teachers at the RCS. Peabody students will perform in a master class and a concert, learn some Scottish Fiddle Tunes, play Elgar’s String Serenade with RCS students, and stay for a couple of nights with host families. We hope to finish the exchange with RCS students visiting Peabody in the near future. A donation of any size will help make this trip possible for all our members.

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Department Initiatives

Help a child attend the Preparatory String Department's Camp Allegro this summer! Click here for more information.


Early Music is always looking to improve their collection of instruments and specialty items. For more information about this program, click here.


The Peabody Children's Chorus has a special scholarship fund. For more information click here.




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