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Music Teacher Mentoring

With the Music Teacher Mentoring Program, public school music teachers receive mentoring support from Peabody Preparatory faculty to the benefit of over 20,000 public school music students. Founded in 1998, the program currently supports teachers in over 70 Baltimore City public high schools.

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Evie Jeffreys received mentoring in her first years of teaching in the Baltimore City public school system through Peabody's Music Teacher Mentoring Program. She is currently the music teacher at Baltimore City's Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School. When she identifies a student that shows musical talent, she recommends them for Tuned In, a tuition free program at Peabody that provides lessons, ensembles and theory classes. Nyshae Cheetam is one of her students who now participates in this Saturday program at Peabody.


More about Music Teacher Mentoring:

Instrumental arrangement

Mentors Dan Trahey and Eric Rassmussen tell the JHU Gazette about the importance of Peabody's Music Teacher Mentoring program.



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