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Sidney and Miriam Friedberg Society

This society is named in honor of Sidney and Miriam Friedberg, whose generosity launched a new era of philanthropic leadership at the Peabody Institute. Friedberg Society donors sustain and enhance Peabody by giving $1,000 or more over the course of a fiscal year.

 2012-2013 Friedberg Society

2013-2014 Friedberg Society (as of March 1, 2014)

Chairman’s Circle $100,000 and above

Adalman-Goodwin Foundation
Ruth and Ted Bauer Family Foundation
Rheda Becker and Robert E. Meyerhoff
Brookby Foundation
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
John Due
Sandra Levi Gerstung
and the Levi Family Fund II of the Baltimore Community Foundation
Hilda P. and Douglas S. * Goodwin
Daniel M. Graham
Taylor A. Hanex
Hecht-Levi Foundation Inc.
Gabrielle T. Hill +
Charles and Margaret Levin Family Foundation
Jill E. McGovern
Lori Raphael and J. Michael Hemmer
Samuel G. Rose

Composer’s Circle $50,000-$99,999

Jephta and Daniel Drachman
Nancy Grasmick
Fred and Sandra Hittman Philanthropic Fund
Claire S. and Allan D. Jensen
Charles Justice
C. Albert Kuper III
Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation
Thomas H. Powell
Presser Foundation
Adam G. Shapiro
Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation

Maestro’s Circle $25,000-$49,999

Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation
Elana R. Byrd
Cape Foundation Inc.
Charlesmead Foundation Inc.
Alexandra Clancy
Rosalee and Richard Davison
Lynn and Anthony W. Deering
Amy L. Gould and Matthew S. Polk Jr.
Hoffberger Family Foundation
Mary and Michael Silver
Judy and Turner Smith
Marc von May

Virtuoso’s Circle $10,000-$24,999

Robert J. Abernethy
Robert Austrian *
Liza Bailey and Michael Musgrave
Helen P. Denit Charitable Trust
Estelle Dennis Scholarship Trust
Edith Hall Friedheim and Eric Friedheim Foundation
Peggy and Yale Gordon Charitable Trust
Jane Heine +
Francis Mondimore and Jay Rubin
Nina Rodale Houghton
Basil Gordon *
Lois and Philip Macht Family Philanthropic Fund
Deborah McGuire +
Sheridan A. L. and John W. Skouge
Andrew Yang
Shirley S.L. Yang

Concert Master’s Circle $5,000-$9,999

The Bank of America Foundation **
Laifun Chung and Ted Kotcheff
The Charles Delmar Foundation
Grace United Methodist Church
Dorothy B. Jones +
John J. Leidy Foundation Inc.
Edwin Lo
Audrey C. McCallum
Dae-Won Moon
Terry H. Morgenthaler and Patrick J. Kerins
Peabody Institute Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation
The Rock Family Foundation
Ann Schein and Earl Carlyss
George L. Sheilds Foundation
Lisa F. Smith and W. Christopher Smith Jr.
Elaine B. and Solomon H. Snyder
David Tan
Sally A. White

Principal’s Circle $2,500-$4,999

Meta Packard Barton Fund of Baltimore Community Foundation
Campbell Foundation Inc.
Karen and Thomas Dunlap
Lynn and John Lazzaro
The Links Inc.
Thomas MacCracken
Paul E. McAdam
Lloyd E. Mitchell Foundation Trust
Clara Juwon Ohr
Oscar Schabb
Carol and Roy Thomas
Sheila and Erick Vail
Margaret C. and Patrick C. Walsh

Director’s Circle $1,000-$2,499

Elizabeth M. Adams
Frances K. and George Alderson
Carol A. Bogash
Aurelia G. Bolton
Carol Cannon
Linda P. Carter
Denise Caves Trust
Georgia R. Crompton
Marta A. Dabezies
Russell Davidson Foundation
Ruth L. and Arno P. Drucker
Phillip T. Dunk Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Eliasberg
Kimberly and Donald Evans
Janet Rayburn Greive and Tyrone Greive
Marian E. Hahn
Ellen Halle
Barbara S. Hawkins
Lynn T. Hebden *
Ruby and Robert Wesley Hearn
Hess Corporation **
Alma D. Hunt/VCM Charitable Trust
Donna and Eric Kahn
Jayne Kaiser
Patricia E. Kauffman
Francis R. Kemper * +
Christopher Kovalchick
Galan Kral
Susan and Jeffrey Krew
Cynthia and Paul Lorraine
Paul B. Mathews
Carol and Paul Matlin
Stephen S. McCall and Johanna Hawkins Memorial Institute
John S. McDaniel III
McFeely-Rogers Foundation
Gary Melick Fund
James L. Meyerhoff
Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund Inc.
Margaret B. Otenasek
Liliane Questel
Mitra and Ramaswamy Rangarajan
Jim & Patty Rouse Charitable Foundation
Eda Joan Scheir Rubin
Matthew W. Rupcich
Christine Rutt Schmitz and Robert W. Schmitz
Matthew Sekerke
Janet Sessions
Terry Shuch and Neal Meiselman
Thomas R. Silverman
Eleanor Simon and Patrick O'Neall
Linda B. and Richard Q. Snurr
St. Patrick Celebrations Inc.
Helen Jean Talbott
Kenneth R. Talle
Andrea Trisciuzzi and Charles Gannon
Phyllis H. Vogel
Charles Emerson Walker
Tian-Li Wang and Ie-Ming Shih
Barbara P. and Martin P. Wasserman
Beverly Dietrich Weber
Avedis Zildjian Company
Ireneus Bohdan Yaromyr Zuk


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