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Performance Academies

Peabody’s Performance Academies bring together young musicians to develop musically and socially in a mutually supportive and challenging environment. Each academy is structured to the meet the needs of specific instrumental and vocal disciplines. Nurtured by Peabody’s outstanding faculty, students participate in weekly lessons, large ensembles, theory, chamber music and unique Academy classes that delve into special topics and often feature guest teachers.

Jazz Academy

Piano Academy

Performance Academy for Strings

Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Academy

For information about scholarship opportunities, please visit the scholarship page.


All applicants must undergo a competitive audition and interview process to determine their talent, potential, and suitability for the program. Some general qualifications are as follows:

Experience:  In general, applicants should be between the ages of 12 and 17 and have 3-5 years of prior study on their instrument or voice. 

Auditions: Applicants should be able to meet the audition requirements for the Academy program in their given discipline. Audition requirements will be posted as soon as they are available.

     Jazz Academy Audtition Information

     Piano Academy Audition Information

     Performance Academy for Strings Audition Information

     Woodwind Brass and Percussion Academy Audition Information


For further information or to request application materials, please contact the Preparatory Office at 667-208-6640.


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