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PCVP performs at Peabody, November, 2013

Pre-Conservatory Violin Program (PCVP)

Rebecca Henry, Director

The Pre-Conservatory Violin Program supports and challenges the most advanced, serious, and gifted violinists at the Preparatory. Young artists in this program are playing at the advanced level and display the artistic potential to pursue a performance career in music. The PCVP is underwritten by the Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation, whose mission is to support violin teaching at the highest level. All members take individual instruction with Peabody faculty.

Components of the PCVP include a Saturday morning class that includes rehearsals, technical development, repertoire class, master class and enrichment with guest artists and Peabody Conservatory faculty. Students have multiple opportunities to perform in class in preparation for concerts, competitions, and college auditions. PCVP members receive 12 hours per year of rehearsal time with a professional pianist, career guidance, and numerous performance opportunities.

Recent guests have included Stefan Jackiw, Jonathan Carney, Nicholas Kendall and Mimi Zweig. The Peabody Conservatory faculty regularly spend time with the PCVP: Herbert Greenberg, Violaine Melançon, Keng-Yuen Tseng, and Victor Danchenko. Igor Yuzefovich, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's assistant concertmaster and Preparatory alumnus, has performed with the PCVP and we will continue with similar collaborations with celli and violists from the Performance Academy for Strings.

The PCVP has performed at the Music Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University Violin Pedagogy Weekend, with the Mid-Atlantic Symphony, at the Walters Art Museum, Renaissance Institute at The College of Notre Dame, the Unitarian Universalist Chalice Concert Series (Columbia, MD), and throughout the Baltimore-Washington region.

PCVP will collaborate with the Performance Academy for Strings for a special String Orchestra Festival in January 2014 and for upcoming selected guest master classes and events. PCVP students must also register for either 60 or 90 minutes of individual instruction, the Performance Academy Chamber Music (PP.200.013 01–Saturday, 8:30-10:30 am, $489), and/or the Peabody Youth Orchestra (Saturday, 1:00-3:00 pm).


Auditions are held once each year in late August. There are no auditions for the spring semester.

Note: Students who audition for the PCVP will automatically be considered for the Performance Academy for Strings and do not need a separate audition for the Performance Academy. PCVP auditions also serve as auditions for Performance Academy Chamber Music and the Peabody Youth Orchestra. Returning PCVP students do not need to audition, but need to schedule an orchestra audition (see pp. 30-31 for PYO and YAO audition information.)

Audition Requirements

• Major and Melodic minor scales in all keys, slur 2-24 per bow legato, quarter=70
• Above scales in spiccato, 1 bow per note, quarter=72
• Above scales in sautillé, 2 bows per note; 1 bow per note
• Flesch arpeggio series, all keys, slur 9
• Thirds and octaves in choice of three keys, two octaves, slur two
• One movement of a major concerto
• One contrasting piece
• One movement of a solo Bach sonata or partita

Audition Accompanist
Pianist Dr. Li-Tan Hsu, will be available to play PCVP auditions, and the auditions will be paid for by Peabody. Dr. Hsu will be available after August 11, 2014. You may contact her after this date.

Peabody will also pay for one 30 min. rehearsal, and students who are interested should contact her directly to arrange this. If they want to rehearse longer than 30 min. they will pay her directly.
Dr. Hsu:
c 443-415-2077

An accompanist is highly encouraged for PCVP auditions. Students may also bring and pay for their own pianist.
However, we encourage PCVP students who are auditioning to play with Dr. Hsu, as she is the PCVP pianist.

Continuing Preparatory Students: Call the Preparatory Office to schedule a PCVP audition by August 15. Auditionees must also fill out the online PCVP Audition Information Form at
NEW Students: Register for individual instruction and call the Preparatory Office by August 15 to schedule a PCVP audition and placement interview.
× Playing at the stated repertoire level does not ensure acceptance into the PCVP.
For more information and a PCVP Audition Information Form, please contact the Preparatory Office at 410-234-4630 or visit Minimum of eight students.

PP.200.118 01
SAT 10:30–12:30
Henry Underwritten by the Starling Foundation

Program Overview

The PCVP consists of four components:

  1. Private Lesson — Students study with Peabody faculty.
  2. Pre-Conservatory Violin Class — The signature component of the program is this weekly class, led by Rebecca Henry, String Department Chair and PCVP Director. This class meets during the fall/spring academic year on Saturdays from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. Throughout the year, time is spent in three ways:
    • Technique — Students refine the relationships between motion and music and continue the search for flexible, free motions and virtuoso technique.
    • Solo Performance — Students perform often in this weekly master class setting as they prepare for recitals, competitions, and college auditions. Guests include both Peabody Preparatory and Conservatory faculty, as well as artists from the music world at large. Previous guests have included Jonathan Carney, Stefan Jackiw, Victor Danchenko, Nicholas Kendall, Mimi Zweig, Violaine Melançon, Keng Yuen Tseng, and the Biava String Quartet.
    • Ensemble Performance — The group rehearses 2–4 part violin music in preparation for concerts that include both solo and ensemble performances. Igor Yuzefovich, Baltimore Symphony Assistant Concertmaster and Preparatory alumnus, performed with PCVP last year, and we will continue with similar collaborations as celli and violists from the Performance Academy join PCVP for special performance projects. The PCVP has performed at the Music Institute of Chicago, with the Mid-Atlantic Symphony (DE), at The Walter’s Art Museum (Baltimore, MD, Rennaisance Institute at The College of Notre Dame (Baltimore, MD), the Chalice Chamber Series (Columbia, MD), and throughout the Baltimore/Washington region.
  3. Collaborations with the Performance Academy for Strings — PCVP will collaborate with the PA for a series of performance workshops and master classes that are designed to develop performance skills and explore enrichment topics. Past topics have included Orchestral Excerpts with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) Concertmaster Jonathan Carney, Taking College Auditions with Peabody faculty member Herbert Greeberg, Jazz Improvisation with Sara Caswell, and Creative Practice with cellist Richard Aaron.  In addition, PA and PCVP will join forces in January for a special String Orchestra Festival.
  4. Piano Rehearsal — Rehearsals with a piano accompanist whose time is dedicated to the specific individual development of these young artists. Each student receives a designated number of hours of rehearsal time per semester, and the pianist is available to perform with the student in most recitals, concerts, and area competitions.

Additional Opportunities through PCVP

Students in PCVP may also take advantage of the other outstanding opportunities available to Preparatory students, as recommended by their teacher. These include studio recitals, signature recitals, Part-Recital and Concerto competitions, Youth Orchestra Program, music theory, and the Certificate Program. Please refer to the current Fall/Spring Preparatory course catalog and the Preparatory Music Student Handbook for more information. Program Director Rebecca Henry or Student Services Coordinator can advise the student on the best course of study at the Preparatory.

Partial scholarships are available for those accepted into the PCVP and students are encouraged to apply.

Direct inquiries to

Andrea Picard Boecker, PCVP Assistant

or contact the Baltimore main campus (downtown) Preparatory Office for more information at 410-234-4630

PCVP plays at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage Series
January 27, 2013


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