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Violin & Viola Pedagogy
Master Classes and Teacher Workshops

Pedagogy in Practice

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Violin and Viola Pedagogy Master Classes and Teacher Workshop

Rebecca Henry, Director and Instructor 

Four Saturdays 3:00-5:30 pm, Room TBA.  

Master Class: 3:00-4:15 pm; Teacher Workshop: 4:15-5:30 pm

This year we will focus on specific skill development. The first session will focus on the first year of study and highlight warm ups and exercises that set the stage for future skills (shifting, facility, vibrato) even from the first lessons.  The later sessions will highlight elementary/intermediate and advanced warm ups and exercises for developing skills in a chronological sequence as well as for improving an uncomfortable technique.

After the first class, each session will include student performers of a variety of levels. We will integrate work on the session topic into the music the student is performing to help integrate their technical and musical practice and understanding.

Class I, The First Year October 1, 2016  $50* 

Class II, Left Hand Frame & Facility November 12, 2016  $50*

Class III, Developing a Beautiful Bow Arm February 4, 2017  $50* 

Class IV, Vibrato March 18, 2017  $50*

*University Students pay $25 per Pedagogy Master Class

Register online with the Pedagogy Master Class registration form, which can be found here. You may also call the Preparatory office at 667-208-6640 for more information. Please call the office to confirm dates one week prior to each session.

Teachers and Conservatory Students may enroll for one credit from the Peabody Conservatory by completing the following requirements:

  1. Attend all four sessions.
  2. Observe 3 hours of private or group lessons; turn in observation forms.
  3. Send a video of one hour of your own teaching and have a one hour discussion with feedback from Rebecca Henry
  4. Write a paper in consultation with Rebecca Henry.

Registration No.:  PY.530.513 section 01
Cost:  $1215
Contact:  Mr. James Dobson, Conservatory Registrar

Questions about the series:

Note: Please check the website or call the Preparatory Office one week prior to class to confirm the date.  For inquiries, please contact


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