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Young People’s String Program (YPSP)

The Young People’s String Program (YPSP) is a creative blend of Suzuki philosophy, Paul Rolland’s approach to movement in string playing, and traditional string pedagogy. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy embraces the idea that all children are born with musical ability that can be nurtured at an early age through their environment, listening, imitation, and by working closely with a parent at home. Paul Rolland’s work focuses on relaxation and freedom of movement in string playing.

Traditional string pedagogy enhances these approaches by incorporating the development of technique and musicianship through scales, etudes, music reading, and a variety of repertoire. Our faculty members bring their own experiences to the program as they work together in creating a solid foundation and inspiring environment for our young string players. YPSP students attend individual instruction and a group lesson each week. Parent participation is required.

See the links to the left for more information on the YPSP, or call the Preparatory Office at 410-234-4630 to request a copy of the YPSP Guidelines.

Lessons & Classes

For a listing of all our YPSP classes and individual instruction opportunities, see our
Strings Department course offerings.

Once you're ready to register for classes and/or individual instruction, please visit our registration page.

Additional Information

Individual instruction is available to children and adults of all experience levels—from beginners through the most advanced levels of study. Lessons are scheduled at our Downtown and Towson Peabody Preparatory locations on an individual basis and are contingent upon teacher availability. Students enrolled in individual instruction are required to have a practice instrument available.

Note: Beginner violin students (ages 5-8) who would like to start over the summer are encouraged to take our Introduction to Violin Class. This class includes individual instruction along with group activities for beginners. We do not offer private violin instruction for beginners over the summer.

30-min. lesson45-min. lesson60-min. lesson90-min. lesson

Introductory Classes

Additional introductory classes for YPSP include:

Fiddlers Four for students ages 4-5 (Class #: PP.200.127),
Introduction to Violin for students ages 5-8 (Class #: PP.200.133, summer only),
Cello Fun for students ages 4-5 (Class #: PP.200.306), and
Introduction to Cello for students ages 7-9 (Class #: PP.200.307).

YPSP Violin

At the placement interview, an overview of the YPSP program and an introduction to Suzuki philosophy will be presented. This will include discussion of the role of parents in lessons and the importance of daily practice, both key elements of the Suzuki approach. An orientation regarding group classes (which all YPSP students attend in addition to individual instruction) and YPSP concerts will be presented followed by a question and answer period.

Note: All YPSP Group Classes begin the first week of classes each semester. All students in YPSP Group Classes are also required to take individual instruction at the Preparatory. An additional $10 non-refundable activities fee per year will automatically be charged with registration.

YPSP Violin Groups

For a listing of all our YPSP violin groups, see our Strings Department course offerings.
YPSP group classes are offered during the fall and spring semesters. There are no YPSP group class offerings during the summer, with the exception of introductory classes.

Heifetz Group (First class for parents only)
Downtown Class #: PP.200.103 01
Towson Class #: PP.200.103 02

Neveu Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.108 01
Towson Class #: PP.200.108 02

Gingold Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.143 01
Towson Class #: PP.200.143 02

Powell Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.110 01
Towson Class #: PP.200.110 02
Howard County Class #: PP.200.110 03

Sarasate Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.107 01

Joachim Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.105 01
Towson Class #: PP.200.105 02

Oistrakh Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.109 01

Kreisler Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.106 01

Fiddler’s Four Classes
Downtown Saturday Class #: PP.200.127 01
Downtown Tuesday Class #: PP.200.127 02
Towson Class #: PP.200.127 03

*NEW* YPSP Viola Group

Primrose Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.111 01
Opening Fall 2015

YPSP Cello Groups

For a listing of all our YPSP cello groups, see our Strings Department course offerings.
YPSP group classes are offered during the fall and spring semesters. There are no YPSP group class offerings during the summer, with the exception of introductory classes.

Cello Fun
Downtown Class #: PP.200.306 01

Boccherini Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.138 01

Casals Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.112 01

DuPre Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.114 01

Feuermann Group
Downtown Class #: TBA

Fournier Group
Howard County Class #: PP.200.139 01

Navarra Group
Downtown Class #: TBA

Piatigorsky Class
Downtown Class #: PP.200.140 01

Rostropovich Group
Downtown Class #: PP.200.112 01


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