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All new students interested in private lessons must take a placement audition. Students enrolling in group classes do not need a placement audition. Classes are offered Downtown, Towson, Annapolis, and Howard County.

To reserve a spot, please call the Peabody Preparatory Office at 667-208-6640.

Placement auditions

Please check back for Fall 2017 dates.  Be prepared to sing at the audition and bring a music score for the pianist, if needed. You can also sing something unaccompanied (ex: a folk song, Happy Birthday, or America the Beautiful).

Private Voice Lessons

Private Voice Lessons are best suited to students at least 13 years old who show vocal potential; already read music; play an instrument; or have had experience singing in choirs. The voice must be mature enough to respond to increasingly sophisticated vocal technique exercises. As the majority of classical vocal repertoire is in foreign languages, students must be prepared not only to learn foreign language diction, but to translate and understand the words of the songs they are taught. Students are expected to arrive prepared each week with their music, a notepad, and preferably a voice recorder so that they may retain the information from the lessons and practice at home between lessons. Students have the opportunity to rehearse their songs with a staff pianist; to sing in Vocal Repertoire Classes (Master Classes with the voice faculty); to perform in Studio Recitals and Voice Department Recitals; and to participate in the Certificate Program. Outstanding students will be selected to audition for Honors or Vella Silver Recitals.

Basics of Singing 1

This class is most appropriate for children ages 9 - 12 who are interested in singing. Children are grouped together with their peers in a semi-private environment. In this introductory class basic vocal fundamentals are taught. Children will learn about proper breathing and posture, support, projection; basic theory and sight singing; and will learn age appropriate vocal repertoire.

Basics of Singing 2

This class is most appropriate for teens ages 13 - 16 with little previous vocal experience who are interested in singing. Grouped together with their peers in a semi-private environment, students will be prepared for eventual private lessons. They will be introduced to the concepts of support, projection, resonance, articulation, theory, sight singing, foreign language diction, preparing a song (memorizing, translating, and interpreting), and performance practice and etiquette.

Basics of Singing 3

This is a small group class for adults who would like an introduction to proper vocal technique, sight singing, foreign language diction, and song preparation.

Peabody Children's Chorus

The Peabody Children's Chorus has several different groups for students of different ages and capabilities selected by audition in June prior to each school year. For students who do not fit exactly into the requirements for Fundamentals Classes or Private Lessons, the Chorus is a wonderful alternative to learn about performing with a group, sight-singing, memorization, etc. Students who are enrolling in Group Classes or Private Lessons and who have time for extra commitments may also be interested in the Chorus.

Theory or Piano Lessons

Students who want to take Private Voice Lessons but have never learned to read music should consider theory or piano lessons to build the musical skills necessary for studying vocal repertoire. Private Voice Lesson time should not be filled by excessive repetition of notes to teach songs to students who cannot learn the music themselves; rather it should be spent on vocal technique. The theory department offers classes in sight-singing which would be particularly helpful for voice students.



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