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Peabody Preparatory

Baltimore's premier community school for the performing arts

With approximately 2,000 students passing through its doors every week, the Peabody Preparatory is Baltimore's premier community school for the performing arts. It is open to students of all ages and levels of ability with offerings ranging from early childhood classes for infants to the Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) program for adults. Instrumental and dance instruction begins as young as four years, and most classes are available to adults.

The Preparatory has a unique, twofold mission. It offers gifted children and adolescents the opportunity to realize their highest potential as leaders of the next generation of performing artists. In addition, it provides an education in music and dance to all members of the community who desire it, regardless of age, professional intention, or previous training. This dual mission is based upon the notion that every individual has the capacity for artistic expression at some appropriate level of understanding and skill.

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Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 semester at the Peabody Preparatory starts Tuesday, January 20, 2015. Music and Dance programs are available for all ages, beginner to advanced, in both private and group instruction. Music is available at the Downtown Baltimore, Towson, Annapolis campuses and Howard County locations. Dance is available at Downtown Baltimore and Towson campuses only. Registration is now open.

See the links below for information about the programs, classes, and individual instruction on offer:

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