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College Preparation Resources

Here you will find links to conservatories and universities as well as other more general college preparation related links. These links are not an exhaustive list, but rather a sampling of what is available to prospective students.


For musicians in particular it is important to consider not just the school, but the specific teacher with whom you wish to study. You should contact prospective teachers and if at all possible, schedule a lesson. It is impossible to overstate the value of being "known" before you audition.


Most large public and private universities have schools of music or music departments located within their school of Arts and Sciences. The schools listed here have strong reputations nationally and internationally. The links provided will take you directly to the music school/department.

General College Information Sites

  • College Atlas
    Search online for colleges and universities throughout the world.
  • College Board
    Information and links for all prospective college students.
  • CollegeNet
    Apply on-line to over 1500 colleges and universities.
  • College View
    Another site with links and general college information.

Test Preparation Specialists

Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources



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