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Summer Programs

In addition to Peabody Preparatory's summer course offerings, special programs are offered through the Preparatory during the summer. These include dance programs for students of all ages and ability levels and day camps for developing string, piano, and voice students.

Peabody Conservatory offers summer programs in bassoon and double bass that are appropriate for high-school aged students as well.

In addition to these Peabody Institute summer programs, we offer the following list of music and dance programs for students of all ages and ability levels, from summer day camps to international music festivals.

If any of these links do not work, or if you are aware of other programs that you would like to see included, please email the Academic Services Administrator. Remember, we offer this information only as a resource; a program's inclusion on this list is not an endorsement from the Preparatory.

Peabody Conservatory Summer Programs

  • Bassoon Week
    Peabody Institute, Downtown
  • Bass Works
    Peabody Institute, Downtown

Additional Summer Programs


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